About Us

We are a family run business, trying to use the knowledge we have to make sure that people of all ages and abilities have access to the best music teachers to inspire and encourage them.

After teaching music lessons for a few years, we found that many students were coming to us to ask for lessons in instruments we did not offer, and on the instruments we did teach, we had a large waiting list. Students were finding it difficult to navigate their way around all of the different websites full of music teachers to find the best one for them. So, we decided to create a company where our experience allows us to match up the student with the best teacher for their style, ambitions and dreams.

Each student is completely individual to us, and we will not just send you to any teacher. We will give you options to guide your progression and discuss with you what you are looking for from your lessons, to find the best teacher for you.

Search for a tutor, or contact us for more information.

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