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Hello, and welcome to Melody Tutors! We are completely different to all of the other music tutor websites, and can help you with your teaching business!

There is no cost to join and you don’t need to work full time, however many hours you want to commit and however regular, we will fit in to suit you. You can teach from your home, students homes, local schools, online, any way you would like. Your time is still yours, you get to arrange the lessons and rearrange if you go on holiday. You charge your students your going rate. But here are some of the benefits for you:


  • We take care of all of the advertising and marketing for you, even making you your own personalised website (e.g., and adverts.
  • No set up cost or premium membership costs, the cheapest and easiest way to start your business.
  • You charge your going rate, but just pay a small fee for each lesson that we find for you, everything else goes to you. This is to cover our marketing costs, and goes down depending on how many hours you work.
  • You are still in charge, we do not dictate your lesson plans, hours, where you teach or anything else.
  • You tell us how many hours you will do and how often, from a few hours a week to 40, we don’t mind!
  • There are loads more reasons to join - get more information

Tutor Information Pack

View our info pack below (click Expand to go full screen, and use the arrows to flick through the pages):

Download Info Pack (PDF)

Why Melody Tutors?

We are a family business, a husband and wife team with in-depth knowledge and experience of music teaching, marketing and online advertising. We have set up full time teachers with enough lessons that they are turning away students within four months of joining! We have been told by many students that they find the lists of tutors on websites overwhelming, and the qualifications confusing. We help students by matching them with the best teacher. We help you by giving you as many students as we can (and as you want to take!), and guiding you as much as you would like in your teaching career.

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Call us on 01233 800 700, email [email protected], or enter your details online.

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