Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a tutor?

Click on the ‘become a tutor’ link, or contact us to discuss it further. We will conduct a short interview to talk to you about what you are looking for, and how you teach and then will put you on our register for students.

What if I only want to teach part time?

That’s not a problem; you just tell us how much you want to teach. Whatever you decide is not set in stone, you can contact us at anytime and let us know if you want more or less students.

I can only teach in the evenings, can I still join?

Yes you can, we will find you students to suit your times

I already have my own advertising in local shops and businesses, do I have to take yours?

No, not at all. We are offering you everything you need to start your teaching in the easiest possible way, just tell us if there is something you do not want.

I want to run my business my way; do I have to follow your lesson plans?

No, we will give you advice and lesson guidance or teaching materials if you would like them. But, we would much prefer that you teach in your style and the way you do best. We encourage you to all be different and teach in the way that best suits your students.

Do I have to use specific teaching books and materials?

No, you can use whatever suits you and your student best. We will offer advice and guidance if you would like us to, but we respect your knowledge and skills and are happy for you to make the teaching decisions.

How much can I charge?

We don't have a set amount, this is obviously dependant on your qualifications, experience and location. You get to decide what you charge, and when you would like to review this. However you can always contact us for advice

How do I get paid?

This can vary, payment can be taken in cash, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal, according to what you and the student prefers.

You speak to my students at the start; do they contact you to discuss their lessons?

We will speak to your students in the very first instance, but then will pass them onto you to arrange exact times. We will keep their details and may contact them to check everything is ok, so that we can ensure everything is working to plan. However, once they are learning with you any rearranging of lessons, discussions about music to learn, or anything else related to lessons should be discussed with you. Of course, we are here should you or the student need any advice or help.

I would like to become a tutor, but don’t have my own teaching space. What can I do?

Please call us to discuss this. You may be able to teach online, or from your students house or workplace, or it may be that some of our other teachers have teaching space they would like to rent to you.

I already have some students, do I have to cancel them if I join you?

No, you can keep going with any other students you have, and with any new students you receive away from our advertising. You can even use some of our benefits, such as teaching materials, to help with those lessons.

I will soon be moving, when should I tell you?

Tell us as soon as possible, before you tell your students. If you are moving locally, then hopefully most of your students will continue to learn with you. If you are moving far away, then the sooner you tell us, the sooner we can set up some new students in your new location. Your current Melody Tutors students will be transferred to another suitable tutor.

I want to go on holiday over the summer and will not teach for a week, is that ok?

Yes, hopefully we can go on holiday too! We understand you will need holidays, but please make sure you tell us and your students in advance. We will make sure that you are left alone, and any new student enquiries can be tentatively booked for you if you advise us of your availability.

Do I have to only teach in term time?

No, you can teach however many weeks a year you would like. If term time suits you and your students that is fine, but that is completely your decision to make.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

Yes, this contract does protect both yourself and us for tax, VAT, insurance purposes and many other things.

Do I need insurance to teach?

Yes, you should have this. The insurance you need varies dependant on what you teach and where, but it may include public liability, business home and contents cover (if you teach from home), instrument cover and various others. You can get many of these insurances included in yearly memberships to either Musicians Union, Incorporated Society of Musicians or European Piano Teachers Association

Do I need a CRB check?

Yes, this is recommended, and some students will ask to see one. If you do not already have one, we can help you with this when you join us.

What happens if I want to leave?

When you originally sign up to Melody Tutors, you commit to this for three months. After this time, you can leave Melody Tutors at any time. If you are planning to keep teaching the students you have received from our advertising, we will charge you a fee for the handover. If you are leaving teaching altogether, then we will contact your students after you have told them, and will find them another teacher.

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