How it works

Once you sign up to Melody Tutors, we will create you a personal website from the information you provide, and immediately pay for and add you to various search engines including Google, Google Maps and Yell. We will supply you with a starter pack containing a selection of different sized advert cards for you to place in your local shops, schools and community areas. We will also update our main Melody Tutors website with your information, so students can find you through there.

From any of this advertising, communication will first come through to Melody Tutors. We will take the necessary details from any prospective students and pass their details onto you. If any student applies through the Melody Tutors website asking for a tutor of your abilities in your location, we will contact you with their details in the same way.

Once we have given you a student’s details, you then call the student to arrange lessons with them. From this point on, any questions or contact from the student should be with yourself, however both you and the student are welcome to contact us with any questions or issues.

We then continue to advertise you online through your personal website unless you tell us otherwise. We will also advertise through the main Melody Tutors website, and any enquiries that come through specifically for yourself, or that suit your style and abilities will be passed on to you.

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