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Damion Sheppard

My name is Damion Sheppard, and I am a working musician in
Central London. I teach Bass Guitar for all styles, levels, and
ages. I also teach guitar, both electric and acoustic, to absolute

Whether you've been playing your
whole life, or have never picked up an instrument before, it doesn't matter; I tailor the lessons to suit your needs. Just tell me where you want your
playing to be, and I will get it there. Alternatively, if you just
want to *play bass*, then leave it to me to come up with fun but
challenging lessons for you. Either way, you can have as much or
as little control over the lesson structure as you want.

- how to play your favourite songs
- how to play chords on the bass
- how to play quickly and accurately
- how to play in time all the time
- how to improvise over a tune, without letting the overall groove
- how to play harmonics and when to use them
- to slap *properly*
- how to actually hold the guitar (so many people get this
- how to efficiently learn *anything* you want to learn
- how not to damage your hands (in the long run)
- to read music (if this interests you!)
- music theory – from the basics up
When you take up lessons with me you are getting a lot more than
just weekly sessions. When appropriate, in addition to the time
spent in lessons, I will also...
- produce extra practice exercises for you; this is especially
useful if you are practicing for an exam
- create a detailed practice schedule, with an audio guide,
specially designed to squeeze the most out of your practice time,
however little you may have
- create 'slowed down' or transposed versions of any songs you are
- make backing tracks to help with any particular aspects of
playing you are working on

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